Ref. Norwest Energy website

The use of the combined screening (gradiometry, seep and magnetics) technology in the Caribbean and Central America area is exclusive to CaribX and will allow us to shift rapidly through vast frontier regions in a way that no other oil company has or can do.  It will open up neglected and dismissed areas as well as high grade previously under-explored areas at a reduced risk with increase return.  It costs just a fraction of seismic acquisitions and leaves virtually no environmental footprint.

Our technologies are easily merged with seismic and other data, such as regional well logs, to give a clear picture of both shallow and deeper targets.  It provides a strong, 3D image quality, detailed dataset.

Gradiometry is particularly suitable for transition zones which include varied terrain with changes in sea-bottom depth and sediment thicknesses. This complex geology makes seismic acquisition and interpretation difficult, costly and frequently low quality. This high-impact exploration technique measures the gradient of the Earth's gravity field from a light aircraft which measures changes in the density of the underlying rocks.  The technology is highly cost-effective, costing just a fraction of the seismic acquisition cost.


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