Satellite Technologies

"RSDD-H" photo-spectral pattern of the Greater Kirkuk Field district, Iraq. The dark tone "anomalies" are the surface landscape expression of these giant fields on this southwestern foreland margin of the prolific Zagros Deformed Belt.  Non-anomalous pale tone areas are representative of low prospectivity terrains.

"RSDD-H" or "Remote Sensing Direct Detection of Hydrocarbons" exploration surveys,  prospect inventories and acreage evaluations are provided commercially by Scotforth Limited. Scotforth has recently been active in the East African Rift Basins and in the Zagros Play Fairway of Kurdistan. In the former it observes clearly Tullow's 'Ngamia discovery whilst in the latter it observes all the discoveries of recent years and has a large inventory of untested prospects and leads. In proven provinces the effectiveness of RSDD-H often exceeds 80%.

Satellite technologies

Once the anomalies are mapped then they can be ground truthed by field work and surface geochemistry techniques such as Gore Sorber.



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