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CaribX is pursuing ground floor frontier opportunities, three robust Petroleum Systems in two regions and backing this with the acquisition of under performing production opportunities in Trinidad.

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Caribbean Oil Seep

Following several years of petroleum geological projects and studies of Jamaica, both shore and offshore and the Dutch Antilles, CaribX commenced a two year review of the petroleum potential of the entire frontier Caribbean and Central America.

The region is sandwiched between the petroleum producing countries of Columbia, Venezuela and Trinidad to the south and Mexico and the USA to the north. Most countries have evidence of hydrocarbons ranging from the 1000 bbls per day production in Barbados, previous production in Dominican Republic, to shows of oil and gas in most wells in most countries. The complex geology and difficulties with politics in the past has meant that other areas in the world were developed ahead of the Caribbean region. Despite the region possessing very encouraging indications of hydrocarbons and being on the doorstep of America, it was and is still neglected.

The selection process involved dismissing areas of deep water; those with highly complex and broken up geology; areas with limited sediment cover and those areas where plate tectonic reconstruction indicated poor potential and those areas where emerging political stability is still fragile. 

The next step was reviewing the high graded areas by reviewing all the potential field data, much of the available literature and by undertaking our own petroleum geological analysis (see technical overview).

The results of this two year screening process has steered CaribX to the best areas in terms of finding commercial hydrocarbons.

The target frontier explorations countries form part of the Siuna and Chortis trend where both Cretaceous and Tertiary source rocks are present, the classic Atlantic marine Turonian sourced play and two new and substantial play fairways to be described in later editions of CaribX’s website.

Caribx Presentation at the 18th Latin Oil Week on April 2012
"Caribbean & Central America frontier Exploration"

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