Environmental Health and Safety Management


This section of our website details the CaribX (UK) Limited Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Management System.  The CaribX (UK) Limited organisational structure is described together with how activities are planned, managed and reviewed in order to maintain the Company’s EHS values.


The EHS Management System provides the framework for managing EHS issues and business activity throughout the organisation and will ensure: 
•             Clear assignment of responsibilities;
•             Excellence in EHS performance;
•             Sound risk management, planning and decision making;
•             Efficient and cost effective planning and conduct of operations;
•             Legislative compliance throughout all operations;
•             A systematic approach to critical business activities; and
•             Continuous improvement.

The EHS Management System is based upon a goal setting philosophy and not a regimented and prescriptive approach to operations and business activity.  It is aimed at establishing certain performance expectations that also honour CaribX (UK) Limited’s vision and business strategy.

Operational Activities    

This EHS MS has been designed to reflect the existing level of operational activity within CaribX (UK) Limited.  Operations are limited to non-operated joint ventures and exploration activities only (e.g. seismic surveys and drilling exploration wells).  Specific operations are therefore managed within the management systems of other operators or contractors and the EHS MS sets standards and expectations against which those systems will be assessed.  It is the responsibility of the CEO and the EHS Committee to identify changes in operational activity that will require further development of the system.  This would normally occur as part of the annual review process defined within this system but may be required outside of the review schedule.

System Philosophy and Structure            

As illustrated in Figure 1.1, this document is the top level EHS Management System and is supported by specific guidelines that cover both operational activities and emergencies of both the parent company and its subsidiaries.  These are developed as required by the Company’s operations.

CaribX HSE

Fig 1.1




The objective of the HSE Plan is to define and document the application of the HSE MS for a specific project. (e.g. seismic survey, drilling operation). The HSE Plan is a document that is prepared at the beginning of a project and is continually updated until the project is completed. It then serves as a record of the HSE actions taken to ensure compliance with the HSE MS for the project.


It is the responsibility of the relevant Project Manager to ensure that the HSE Plan is initiated, followed and closed out on project completion.


The HSE Plan can be used to define and capture any information relevant to the HSE performance of a project. Specific requirements for the plan include:

Project Description – a brief description of the activity to be undertaken
Project Organisation and Responsibilities – provide an organisation chart describing key internal and external responsibilities.
Contractor Selection and Management – define the actions taken to ensure the HSE performance of contractors using the tools provided in the Contractor Selection and Management Guideline
Regulatory Compliance – prepare a project Consents Register listing all relevant regulatory requirements, dates for required consents, and responsible parties for obtaining consents (see Appendix A)
HSE Objectives and Targets – define the project specific HSE objectives and targets
Risk Assessments – define the risk assessments required and include copies of the results of risk assessments (or references to the final documents)
Environmental Assessment – provide an overview of the key environmental issues and reference any environmental assessments prepared.
Emergency Response Arrangements – describe the overall emergency response strategy and reference relevant bridging documents with contractors
Action Tracking – a central location for documenting and tracking all actions raised during the project (e.g. during contractor selection and management, risk assessments, environmental assessments, incident investigations and audits) (see Appendix A).
Incidents and Accidents – include copies of all incident reports, including those generated by contractors, and define the actions taken as part of investigations.
Monitoring – define the monitoring requirements at the start of the work programme and include copies of all monitoring reports.
Audit Plan – prepare an audit plan at the start of the work programme and include copies of all audit reports
Close Out – on completion of the project ensure that all actions have been closed out, and review meetings held with major contractors. Describe any lessons learned and recommendations for improvements in HSE performance or the HSE Management System and communicate to the HSE Committee.


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